Armoured CBRN Reconnaissance

Military units are susceptible to intentional and accidental releases of CBRN agents in their missions. Adapted to the various roles of armored vehicles, Environics provides scalable CBRN monitoring system solutions from basic CR monitoring in infantry fighting vehicles to full CBRN capabilities of reconnaissance vehicles. Environics´s system solutions have been designed and manufactured to endure the requirements set by various harsh military environment.

During crises management and combat operations, CBRN monitoring is integrated into the overall intelligence and surveillance efforts. CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicles have a role in military force protection and collaboration with civil defense authorities including

1) Reconnaissance missions to detect CBRN attacks or accidents

2) Survey tasks to determine the boundaries of the confirmed CBRN contamination

3) Surveillance of CBRN hazards by monitoring the boundaries, taking environmental samples, providing early indication and analysis of the CBRN agents involved, and warning and reporting

In CBRN reconnaissance vehicles, the integrated CBRN detectors, data processing and system software form the basis of CBRN reconnaissance capabilities and real-time situational awareness, complemented with sample collection, analysis instrumentation, meteorological sensors and area marking systems.


Why Choose Armoured CBRN Reconnaissance System

  • Chassis independent solution adapted for armored vehicles in different categories and sizes

  • Integrated system solution from a single supplier mean savings in costs, time, efforts and resources

  • Complete solution from sampling to detection and to identification and reporting

  • Robust scalable solution

  • System conceived with proven CBRN expertise

  • Full life-cycle support including maintenance and system and tactical training


Usage Scenarios

  • CBRN accidents

  • CBRN terrorist attacks

  • CBRN military missions

  • National and international crisis management

  • Surveying and marking perimeters of hazardous areas

  • Support for civil authorities

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