Armoured CR Monitoring

Mobile military units are susceptible to intentional and accidental releases of hazardous agents in their wartime missions. Environics provides scalable CR monitoring solutions for different armored vehicles, covering their various categories and sizes. These are employed for ensuring the safety of the crew at all times by giving early-warnings in order to initiate CBRN protective countermeasures.

Environics CR solutions have been designed and manufactured to meet the requirements set by harsh military conditions. The core of Environics` CR monitoring solutions lies in the proprietary chemical detector for CWAs and TICs and the radiation detector for gamma and x-rays. Reflecting the versatile roles of armored vehicles, system configurations are created to detect the threats in the indoor or outdoor environment of the vehicles.

For the operators, information provided by the sensors is displayed locally by Remote Alarm Units or forwarded directly to Battle Management Systems.
The CR solution grows with evolving customer needs – scalability and modularity allow modification and expansion of the CR solution with additional CBRN capabilities with Environics´ proprietary or 3rd party sensors and with CBRN filtration control.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive CBRN Monitoring Solution we recommend that you visit Armoured CBRN Reconnaissance application page.


Why Choose Armoured CR Monitoring System

  • Compact, credible and reliable

  • Effortless integration and use

  • Value added through scalability and modularity

  • Proven CBRN expertise to support stakeholders from vehicle manufacturers to operators

  • Full life-cycle support


Usage Scenarios

  • CR monitoring in the battlefield operations

  • CR monitoring during troop transportation

  • Control of CBRN filtration

Vehicle Types

MBT – Main Battle Tanks

IFV – Infantry Fighting Vehicles

APC – Armored Personnel Carriers

HACV – Heavy Armament Combat Vehicles

LMV – Light Multirole Vehicles

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