Building CBRN Monitoring

Accidental or intentional releases of CBRN agents can affect many types of facilities ranging from governmental and military administration to financial, cultural and public services, and privately owned companies. These kind of threat events would not only contaminate the buildings and their occupants, but paralyze the whole functionality of the target, leading to casualties and fatalities and interruption of business with loss of money and resources and eventually, to time-consuming and expensive decontamination processes or even rebuilding.

Environics supplies turnkey CBRN monitoring solution that can add significant value in the scope of defensive architectures and incident management of indoor and outdoor facilities.

The systems are built upon detect-to-warn capabilities, based on in-house core technologies for point detection of chemical agents, bioaerosols, and radionuclide identification and on proprietary system software for real-time situational awareness and guidance.

By enabling timely threat detection and mitigation of the hazardous effects, CBRN monitoring systems complement passive and responsive protection measures of facilities.

Equipping building targets with appropriate CBRN monitoring systems increases the level of security both in the facilities and in their neighborhood.


Why Choose Building CBRN Monitoring Systems

  • Scalable, modular and redundant system solution designed with proven CBRN expertise

  • Own innovations in detection, data processing and system software

  • Ease of use combined with low life-cycle costs

  • Full life-time support


Usage Scenarios

CBRN monitoring for indoor and outdoor facilities such as:

  • Governmental buildings

  • Shelters

  • Transportation hubs

  • Data Communication / IT centers

  • Financial institutions

  • Mail distribution facilities

  • Industrial facilities

  • Military headquarters

Critical infrastructure standard layout system. For further detail please check the Application Note.

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