Mass Events CBRN Monitoring

Mass gatherings of audiences or VIP committees may be appealing targets for intentional CBRN releases. If attacking an international summit could cause strategic casualties, like heads of state or government individuals, if the incident occurs during a mass sports event, the damages’ extension can cause unimaginable human and financial losses.

Environics’ mobile Mass Events CBRN Monitoring Systems are intended for setting up temporary CBRN detection capabilities for variety of applications, fast and cost-efficiently, e.g. for mass gathering events like VIP meetings and sports and cultural events, for monitoring accidental releases of hazardous CBRN material on site by first responders or for safeguarding mobile, civilian or military command and control centers/headquarters


Why Choose Mass Events CBRN Monitoring Systems

  • Comprehensive situational view in minutes

  • Full transportable CBRN system capability

  • Built to withstand use 24/7

  • Ease of use, maintenance and transport


Usage Scenarios

  • VIP meetings and summits

  • Sports events

  • Cultural events

  • CBRN terrorist attacks

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