Why We Do It

We Exist to Make the World a Safer Place

30 Years of Creating Safety

We are one of the leading suppliers of Chemical, Biological, Radiation & Nuclear detection devices, and integrated CBRN monitoring solutions.

Our scope of implementation accommodates for diverse CBRN monitoring and surveillance applications.

We are also a partner for the whole system lifespan, by providing full life-cycle support, user training, and optimizing our systems to meet local environmental conditions.


Why Choosing Environics

  • 30-year experience in CBRN system design

  • Proven ability to design and maintain optimized CBRN capability

  • Coverage of any customer needs, from early hazard warning to complete CBRN decision support solution

  • CBRN solutions delivered in over 50 countries

  • Local partner network based in 38 countries

Figure ofCBRN safety
Image of Environics product timeline

Environics product release timeline.

Historical Background

Environics is a Finnish company established in 1987.

The company’s detection technology dates back to the early 1980’s resulting from some R&D started within the Finnish Defense Forces

Our Team

Currently Environics team counts with 60 staff members, ranging from Management, Sales, Administration, Research & Developement, Purchasing, Production, etc.

We count on highly skilled and competent teams of experts and technical specialists who have years of experience in the implementation of demanding projects in the field of CBRN.

Environics unique innovative perspective on the CBRN business, arises from a melting pot of different – yet acknowledged – educational backgrounds, applying and combining their expertise towards one same common goal:

Improving CBRN safety globally, and ultimately, safe lives.

Different personnel of Environics