Our CBRN Talents

In Environics, we believe in team work as the most efficient way to achieve a common goal, which in our case can ultimately mean saving lives. However, we also feel that even though this strength is the result of multiple talents collaborating together, sometimes the individuals get blended in the background of the organization.

This is why we are committed to introduce some of the real heroes behind Environics success!

Find out more about the personal path, background, and daily routines of a diverse sample of Environics staff. We will be adding new members every other week.

Mika Reiman

VP of Operations

Environics-Team - Mika Reiman

Mika, who holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, has been working with Environics for over twenty years, having gained versatile work experience with different work roles in the company. From HW designer, to project manager, and finally to his current role as Vice President of Operations, Mika is for sure part of the back bone of our organization.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
I entered the CBRN field when I arrived to Environics approximately twenty years ago, as an electronics designer. My first work project concerned to participating on the electronics designing of the ChemPro100 detector, which development project had just begun.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
As Vice President of Operations, my daily chores include the management of the different sections and teams, including delivery project experts, R&D-teams, laboratory crew, purchasing team, and production.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
The interesting and versatile work tasks, project diversity, the amazing colleagues, and – last but not the least – the relaxed working atmosphere.

Kai Siltanen

Area Manager

Environics-Team - Kai Siltanen

Kai, who joined us in 2018, holds a strong experience in international business, exports, and defence industry. Before being a member of Environics Team, Kai has been part and collaborating with the Finnish Army, the Finnish Air Force, and Patria Group. He has made most of his career abroad, having spent the first 5 years in Sweden and some astonishing 15 years living in the Middle East.

Kai has experience with helicopters, armoured vehicles, weapon systems and ammunition, but his first approach to CBRN detectors and systems was within Environics, and he refers to them as a “new and exciting area”.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
I have been in the field of defence industry for more than 25 years. After leaving Patria
Group in 2018, I was looking for new challenges. I already knew Environics as a company, as well as some old and present and I was happy to be given a chance to join Environics about 3 years ago.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
As Area Sales Manager responsible for Middle East, North Africa, France and Portugal, my routine is to keep contact with our customers and partners around the area, and at the same time, look for new customers and partnerships. It’s also under my responsibility to prepare quotations, sales contracts, and representative/distributor agreements.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
Colleagues! For a “senior” like me is really inspiring to cooperate with highly competent
and highly motivated young people.

Kirsi Hedman

President, CEO

Environics-Team - Kirsi Hedman

Environics CEO – Kirsi – is a 50-year-old married and well succeeded woman. Kirsi is the holder of a Master of Science in Industrial Management obtained in 1994, and a Doctoral thesis concluded in 2008. Her life has two main focus points: taking responsibility for being Environics President since 2012, and being the mother of two teenage kids. And who knows which one is more demanding!
Kirsi’s career was initiated in her graduation year in a plywood industry company, and 15 years later in 2009, she joined Environics as Vice President for Business Process Development.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
In my previous work place I was as a Management Consultant and Environics was one of my customers. Based on our long cooperation, at the beginning of 2009 I was asked to join Environics. I was very interested in this niche business and Environics as a developing organization, so I was more than eager to learn more and try my best to develop the business, as part of the team. Therefore, I have been in the CBRN business for the last 12 years.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
My main tasks concern to the development of the organization strategic plans, meaning preparing new ones while ensuring the previous plans are still being followed. I cooperate closely with the whole Management Team and with our Board of Directors.
Helping team members on meeting their individual goals, which support the achievement of our business goals, is one of my important tasks.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
Working together with Environics team towards our common goals is what definitely thrills me the most. I have a problem-solver mindset, therefore dealing with diverse challenges and guiding my team mates to a solution, it’s just my call. I also love getting familiar with a wide variety of nationalities and international team members!

Sanna Orava


Environics-Team - Sanna Orava

Sanna has been working within the electronics industry for already over 20 years. During her career, Sanna has gained not only a strong experience in serial production, but she has also replied to demanding and independent challenges concerning to project work and prototype manufacturing.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
I got interested in Environics high technology products back in 2008, and I have been collaborating with the company since then.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
As I work as an assembler in Environics production, a wide variety of products — from ChemProX to ChemProDM, and different accessories — go through my hands on a daily basis. My daily tasks include, for example, device assembling, programming, testing, flow measurements, and adjustments.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
The most important aspect is that I have the possibility to influence for making the world a safer place. The best thing of working in Environics is the independent work, the international environment, and the opportunities for enhancing my education with dedicated trainings.

Robert Ladzinski

Business Development Manager

Robert Ladzinski - Environics Team

Robert is currently the newest member of our team, working for our subsidiary in North America, Environics USA. Bob, as he prefers to be called, holds a B.S. in General Science obtained in Villanova University in Pennsylvania, and has been in touch with the CBRN community for over 20 years!
Bob and his family, moved recently to a new home near the coast in Beaufort, South Carolina (near Hilton Head), where they are enjoying various outdoor activities including fishing and nature watching.
Work ethics runs in the blood of Bob’s beloved family, and he points out that his mother had the hardest job in the clan: raising Bob and his brothers!

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
After graduating from Villanova (B.S. in General Science; Bio Chemistry Concentration) I learned the business of sales and marketing in the field.  I began my professional career with MSA and have been in the safety business my whole career.  In May 2001 I joined RAE Systems and was immediately actively engaged within the HAZMAT and CBRN community, pre-9/11.  My experience in technical instrumentation (20 years with PID and wireless data transmission) sales and working with channel partners has made my transition fairly easy.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
Currently I’m spending a lot of time “learning on the job”.  I’ve been actively updating our CRM and engaging with our existing dealer network and numerous end user customers, many of which I’ve served in my recent past.  I look forward to learning more from the Team in Finland.  I also look forward to getting back on the road to do what I do best…understanding customer needs and applications.  It’s also interesting to work across so many time zones!  Finland to Hawaii!

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
Serving those who serve us is really an honor and privilege.  When a first responder realizes the value I bring, allowing them to do their job more safely and efficiently, they are sincere and honest with their accolades.  Being called “brother” within this community is truly earned.  I’m welcomed and trusted in my advisory solutions-based role.  Understanding customer needs and being able to fulfil and exceed them is exciting, for sure, but truly more rewarding.

Matleena Marttinen

Marketing Manager

Matleena Marttinen - Environics Team

Matleena, who has educational background and master degree in marketing, jumped into the exciting CBRN world more than seven years ago, from a totally different work environment. Marketing has played a big role in her whole career in Environics, but service business development, ILS issues and team management tasks have enriched her daily work life for the past five years. Currently, Matleena is a team leader of the Environics Marketing & Application Team.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
My start in Environics was rather fast. The time gap between the first phone call and the first work day was less than a week! Thanks to the help of my mother-in-law, a quick jump from maternity leave back to the work life was possible. The possibility to work and develop marketing within an international business field definitely got my interest in first place, and new work opportunities, as well as a global customer and partner network, have kept the motivation and interest up already for over seven years now.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
I have the privilege to run our talented Marketing & Application Team which takes care of the various tasks at the beginning of our customers journey with Environics, and on the other hand my tasks with service business development provide me opportunities to be part of the customer journey also after the original procurement phase. My daily work varies from strategic planning, to resource management, and from offer support to exhibition building.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
The first “thing” is my colleagues, and this unusual year has highlighted their importance even more.
Second is the international customer and partner network. There is something really fascinating about different cultures, and I cannot wait to replace some of the virtual meetings with face-to-face encounters in different parts of the globe.
Third is the variety of my work tasks which keep (almost) everyday fresh and interesting.