Our CBRN Talents

In Environics, we believe in team work as the most efficient way to achieve a common goal, which in our case can ultimately mean saving lives. However, we also feel that even though this strength is the result of multiple talents collaborating together, sometimes the individuals get blended in the background of the organization.

This is why we are committed to introduce some of the real heroes behind Environics success!

Find out more about the personal path, background, and daily routines of a diverse sample of Environics staff.


Katja Kiukas

Application Manager, CBRN Systems

Environics Team - Katja Kiukas

Katja joined Environics team approximately 16 years ago, and since then she turned into an experienced and diverse professional, who can reveal both the secrets of biodetection and identification, and understand the soul of CBRN systems. She holds a MSc. in cell biology, becomes soon a Master of Business Administration and acts as a Wellness Coach, too. In the leisure time, she nurtures her wellbeing with her horse and equestrian sports and stays on the scene as a vocalist in a groove band.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
16 years ago, when still working in sales and marketing of life science research instrumentation, I was asked to join Environics Oy for an open position. I got interested in this rare opportunity in my old hometown, so I changed my life and moved back to Mikkeli to start as a Product Manager for the Bio Detection and Identification Product Line. In fact, that was a really fruitful and interesting time period to join the company, since we had the CBNS Technology Programme with the Finnish Defence Forces going on, a lot of eager colleagues in place and R&D happening and new products about to enter the market. Since 2013, my responsibilities have been expanded from bio products to whole CBRN systems of naval vessels, vehicles, buildings and shelters. In the current organization, my task is mainly to concentrate on Vehicle CBRN Systems and related business as an Application Manager for this special field.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
Most of my time goes to working with our area managers on sales projects e.g. in the form of meetings with partners and customers, CBRN layout design and commercial proposals. Furthermore, as an enthusiastic for content marketing, I create online material like application notes, blog posts, whitepapers, customer success stories and webinars. Regularly, I also have tasks that are related to development our vehicle CBRN solution concept, business and the partner network.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
This is a very unique and international field. I have been lucky see it from many perspectives and work with its versatile stakeholders from different cultures. I have had various positions in the company, fostering my professionalism and gaining experience from product/concept development, productization, business and project management and sales and marketing. It has been rewarding to encounter customers and guide them to make meaningful choices, to see ideas maturing to innovations and long-term efforts turning into new products and awarded deals. I think I have been able to take use of both my educational background and my character strengths like creativity, bravery, love of learning and curiosity in the course of my Environics career.

Arto Penttinen

Application Manager

Arto Penttinen - Environics Team

Arto is one of those Environics’ old-school personas, who joined the team almost 18 years ago. Holder of a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, after working 7 years in pulp and paper industry, he got the opportunity to jump into the interesting world of CBRN, and never looked back!
When Arto is not supporting our sales team in our many naval related cases, he is most likely chilling to the sound of his favorite rock n’roll classics.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
A couple of decades ago I knew people who were working for Environics and they got me interested in the company. The company’s international business side was especially tempting me to join in. Now I have worked for Environics for almost 18 years, and I still find passion for the CBRN business.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
If I’m not travelling, which luckily I can do often, I utilize my rather long experience to give our sales team my full support to enhance our success, especially in the naval CBRN business. Our aim is to grow the naval CBRN business into an even bigger part of the company’s operations than it already is. Searching for new market opportunities and planning business activities to achieve established goals is an important part of my job.
My everyday office work includes preparing CBRN system proposals for naval applications, giving technical support and helping to create marketing material, such as blog texts and white papers, for our marketing team. Part of my time goes also for supporting the delivery projects, in which I’m also involved.
During my business trips, I mostly meet old and new potential customers and partners to discuss with them about on-going or new projects.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
Environics team is quite a small community but still, we are delivering our solutions to most parts of the world. Being part of this team makes me feel proud. And of course, travelling to interesting places, where I wouldn’t probably go otherwise, is a great bonus. Meeting people with different ethnic backgrounds is a benefit which comes with the job, and I enjoy that a lot. This job has brought many interesting people into my life and many of them I can even consider as my friends.
I was born in Mikkeli, which is the hometown of Environics, and I feel it is important to help to creating well-being in the area. My way to do that is being part of Environics team, creating a good global business, and bring some income for our area’s benefit.

Veli-Matti Miettinen

Area Manager

Veli-Matti Miettinen - Environics Team copy

Veli-Matti joined Environics in September 2018 as Area Manager for Asian market and is currently located in Environics Malaysian office, in Kuala Lumpur. He holds a M.Sc. (Tech) in Production Economies and has studied in Tampere University of Technology. Music has always been his big interest and during his spare time Veli-Matti enjoys playing trombone and piano. Veli-Matti worked in various international sales and product management roles in Vaisala for 18 years, before joining Environics. During Vaisala times, he was assigned to Malaysia for 5.5 years (2012 – 2017), which gave him a lot of insight and experience of the Asian market place.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
Environics, as a well-known high-tech company and customer of Weather transmitter, was familiar to me already during my earlier career. In 2018 Environics was strengthening their sales and presence in Asia. The new position sounded lucrative to me and my background matched well to the job requirements, thus, I ended up to the CBRN world, Environics, and back to Asia.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
Developing and fostering my area’s partner network is among the main tasks in my work. Naturally every area has its yearly sales targets, which keep Area Managers busy and active searching for new opportunities and closing deals to meet targets. Me being in the Asian time zone gives our Asian partners fast response times to both their inquiries and support needs.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
Environics has unique, highly positive spirit among its personnel and we have some world leading products to offer. Of course, building new business partnerships and getting that big deal is every salesman’s goal!

Teemu Partanen

Application Manager, Handheld Chemical Detectors

Environics Team - Teemu Partanen

Teemu, who all together has been working with Environics for over 10 years, is an engineer of environmental measurement technology, born in the small village of Sulkava, in eastern Finland. As a real 80’s kid, born in 1980, nowadays Teemu is a seasoned 41-year-old all-around CBRN- professional specialised in chemical detection technology.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
My specialization studies in Mikkeli Polytechnic were very closely related to chemical detection, measurement and analysis, and when Environics was looking for a trainee to their research department it was too perfect opportunity to pass. Luckily, I was selected and that started my career at Environics. The year was 2005. I worked continuously for Environics from 2005 to 2013 and then came back 2018. So, in total 13 years.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
As an application manager my daily routines can be roughly divided in two parts: internal work and external work. The internal part consists of regular and irregular meetings related to product design, business strategy, delivery projects and handheld application in general. I also prepare support documentation and specifications, and work closely with the Product Manager and all of our specialist teams in handheld application related matters.

The external part consists of working closely with our Area Managers as a technical specialist in tender processes, and I’m also in direct contact with our partners and customers all around the world on a daily basis. I train the partners and end-users, give technical support and gather customer experiences in order for us to develop our handheld detectors to meet the end-users’ needs even better. In addition, I still participate in sales processes from handheld application point of view and, as often as possible, I put on my travelling pants and attend exhibitions, meet our representatives, partners, and customers face-to-face.

In short, my daily tasks and routines are many and diverse and that’s what keeps me going. There’s never two similar days!

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
Like stated before, the wide variety of different tasks, both within the company and outside of it. And, of course, the best colleagues anyone can wish for! The cherry on top of the cake, as they say, is attending exhibitions and meeting our representatives and customers in person. Nothing beats the good and old fashioned human contact!

Ismo Loukoila

Bid Manager

Ismo Loukoila - Environics Team

Ismo is one of Environics “veterans”, who has joined the team over 25 years ago. Holder of a B.Sc, in Environmental Engineering, Ismo is without any doubt a seasoned CBRN professional and an important part of the back bone of our organization.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
I got my first contact with the CBRN field already during my studies and after my graduation I started working for Environics. I have worked here for more than 25 years in various positions such as test engineer, product manager, technical support manager and now for the last five years I have worked as a bid manager. Therefore, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work extensively in a variety of jobs.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
As a bid manager, my job is to ensure that our offers meet the customer’s needs. My responsibilities include preparing commercial offers and managing bid projects.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
I have the pleasure and honor to work with the great professionals of our company and challenging projects make the work interesting and varied. And, of course, our very good work atmosphere and amazing colleagues make working here even more enjoyable.

Johannes Leppihalme

VP of Sales

Johannes Leppihalme - Environics Team

Johannes joined Environics Team in January 2020. Rapidly progressing from Vice President of Business Development to Vice President of Sales, he has taken the hold of Environics sales just before — and throughout — Covid-19 business challenging times.
But if you think Johannes is no more than a high-tech boring executive, you better think again! Our VP of Sales is passionate about barbequing and the proud owner of the project ArcticBBQ. If you are not sure how to cook your brown bear sirloin, Johannes is your go-to “chef”.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
My first mission in CBRN field took place on 2003 – 2006. Back then, I was working for another company manufacturing and selling decontamination equipment. I got to know Environics people while traveling in business together and only 14 years later, our paths crossed again!

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
I am leading sales organisation, which also includes marketing, business development, product management and technical service. I guess you can say leading the team, so they can achieve their goals is a daily routine. I am planning business as a member of management team and enforcing our strategy together with team leaders. Some days are pure trouble shooting, but most often just guiding and empowering people. This includes our customers, distributors and agents also.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
Environics is an international company, with multiple locations abroad and hundreds of customers globally. Working with people coming from different cultures is not only exciting, but also educating.

Olli Torkkeli

Purchasing Manager

Olli Torkkeli - Environics Team

Olli, who worked in several different roles related to supply chain management for roughly 10 years, has been part of our team since 2017. Holder of a Master of Science (Technology) in Industrial Management, he has accomplished on his dreams by becoming the Purchasing Team Leader of Environics.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
I grew up in Mikkeli, the hometown of Environics, so it was already around early 2000’s when I was first introduced to the company and its IMS technology. Already back then it felt like a cool place with own production of high-tech instruments, scientists in their lab coats and stuff. After spending several years elsewhere studying and working, I finally ended up to return to Mikkeli and join Environics in 2017.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
The purchasing team ensures the goods/components are available when needed. This means following up what will be the plans in our production and future projects, sending out RFQs, comparing offers, maintaining the information in our systems, placing orders and following up the deliveries. On top of the day-to-day purchasing, we are continuously developing our own products at Environics. Therefore, we regularly discuss with our R&D and look for new potential technologies and partners around the world. The purchasing team shares the information about the products, prices and lead times to our sales team, so that they can propose the most suitable solution to our customers. I also interact with our sales people to forecast what components are needed in the future, which in the current global situation means planning up to 18-24 months ahead.
In principle there are clear routines but in practice the tasks are varying and every day is different, you just can’t know in the morning what will come up during the day. One day you can procure analytical instruments and office furniture, and the next day plan new fabricated carry bags and assess new sensor technologies. Sometimes the components are totally new in the market and need further testing in the lab, and sometimes it can be even nearly 30-year-old technology that needs support and some spares to be found. Luckily, we have a great team of different experts available at Environics.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
People and technology. It’s thrilling to work with very experienced professionals, within Environics and our large network of suppliers, trying to solve demanding problems: producing innovative and complex technological solutions which should work reliably in the harshest environments. And due to the persons involved, working out these challenges can even be fun!

Ahti Luukkonen

Director, Business Development


Ahti, who has joined Environics around 15 years ago, holds a M.Sc. (Tech.) in electricity and telecommunication, and has studied in both Oulu University and Helsinki University of Technology. He is a sports person, having played ice-hockey and tennis for over 7 years, but nowadays dedicated to cycling due to some injuries.
Before joining Environics, Ahti was part of the world-wide known Nokia. During his stay, he has worked in 3 different locations: Espoo, Helsinki, and Basingstoke (UK), in roles such as product management, sales and marketing management, mainly related to professional mobile radio business unit. Ahti describes this as a memorable experience, watching a small company bloom as the leading supplier in telecommunication.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
I started collaborating with Environics in 2007, after a long period of time with Nokia Networks. I saw Environics as a high technology company, and as small challenger, similar way as Nokia was positioned in early 1990.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
As I am responsible for sales and business development, my daily tasks are related with maintaining and developing our sales network in my region. Obviously working with tenders, negotiating agreements, and reporting are part of my tasks too.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
As a sales person the most exciting moments are getting new contracts and purchase orders.

Ana Lopes

Graphic Designer, Marketing Assistant

Ana Lopes - Environics Team

Ana, who joined us back in 2016, landed in the team during her over 5-year time of residence in Finland. Holder of a BFA in Communication Design and a MA in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects, not in her wildest dreams she has ever expected to end up collaborating with an organization in the CBRN industry. She likes to think of her role in Environics as something located in a limbo where visual culture meets science and technology.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
Let’s first make it clear that coming from a fine arts background, I had no idea a business such as CBRN existed, until the day I was interviewed at Environics headquarters, almost 5 years ago. After graduating from the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Porto and before joining Environics, I have always worked in web-design-oriented studios. I can honestly say that it took me around 2 weeks to get the basic grip of the industry mission, customer segmentation, and the product / solution portfolio…

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
On top of everything, it is my duty to cherish for Environics branding. It thrills me to develop visual concepts and assets together with CBRN experts, that reflect the company’s various approaches in different socio-cultural contexts, for military and civil audiences. Apart from that, I am also deeply involved in the company’s digital marketing strategy and actions. So, long story short, in the same day I can design the stand walls / podiums for a defence exhibition happening in Turkey, make a rollup to be used in the USA, create a brochure with Greek characters, and design a landing page and ad groups in Spanish for a country-based Google Ads campaign.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
This plurality and diversity of tasks, conducted together with the best team mates, leading to a continuous learning process. During this journey I feel I have developed an outrageous amount of soft and hard skills – from Marketing concepts to CBRN (superficial/light) knowledge, and the awesome Finnish way of working – I can only point out positive aspects.

Lassi Siltala

Executive Vice President

Lassi Sitala - Environics Team

Lassi, who joined Environics 18 years ago, has had various responsibilities for our financial and administrative operations since then. As a versatile member of our team, currently he wears many hats, by leading our financial and support functions, as well as QA, and business security systems.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
After being earlier over a decade an entrepreneur and CEO in a production unit, and few years as Financial Director in a couple of technology companies, in 2003 I join Environics bringing especially financial and legal expertise to the team’s daily operations.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
My working days include regularly financial forecasting, different kind of contract work including customer, co-operation, and HR agreements, as well as a lot of internal consulting with my interesting team mates in Finland, USA, and Far East.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
In addition to having a great work community, the best thing is feeling Environics is a constantly evolving company. Despite of the long career, it feels like I have worked for several different companies!

Mikko Pöyhönen

Project Manager

Mikko Poyhonen - Environics Team copy

Mikko is a seasoned project manager who has joined Environics in May 2019. After graduating in 1994 (BCs. Automation technology), he was hired by Measurex-Roibox (later Honeywell at ‘97), a high-tech company that supplied paper measurement systems to paper mills. Mikko worked first as project engineer, later as a project manager, and last as a Technical Manager of Sensor TAC. At the end of 2012, Stanley Security hired him to lead the Security Systems Implementation Team.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
I had been following Environics for some time, so, when the project manager position opened, I seized the opportunity. I’m strongly technically oriented (a geek 😊 ) so cutting-edge technology, together with the global playing field, fascinated me and it was just way too good combination to pass. I have now worked at Environics for over two years, so I’m still quite new in this business area. There is still lot to learn, however I think that lessons learnt from my previous work places have somewhat facilitated my career start at EOy.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
I’m a project manager so my main tasks concern to taking care of CBRN System projects. I have to make sure that the delivery project goes according to plan, will be delivered on time and within the budget. Daily communication, meetings etc. with stakeholders and customers are also an important part, in order to synchronize our production and engineering with deliveries. I have also responsibilities to develop project methods by looking for best practises and tools which facilitate project deliveries and have a positive financial impact.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
There are so many small things, but definitely technology and people. I am grateful to my competent colleagues because they really make my job meaningful and fun. While it’s fun, it doesn’t mean it would be always easy, but I’m confident that with this team we can handle even the most challenging projects. In addition, the global playing field gives its own spice, although COVID-19 currently restricts travel abroad.

Mikael Torvinen

Software Team Manager

Mikael Torvinen - Environics Team copy

Mikael joined Environics back in 2014, as a trainee, when writing his master thesis. Nowadays, he holds a Master of Science (Technology) — major in Software Engineering and minor in Industrial Engineering and Management — a degree obtained at LUT University (Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT), a pioneering science university in Finland, bringing together the fields of science and business since 1969. Mikael graduated in 2016, and in the same he was promoted to Software Team Manager!

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
Well, I was young and needed an employer who would provide me a thesis topic. Like most of the world, I hadn’t heard the acronym, let alone knew what it stands for. So, I’ve been in the CBRN field since joining Environics about six years ago.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
I would say my days are very diverse, but an outside observer may disagree. I may appear to be only either typing nonsense to a computer or talking about typing nonsense. In reality, I work on product development, be it new features for existing products or entire new products.
As a manager, I get to take part in all the phases of the software lifecycle. From the very exiting ideation of new solutions, to the epic bug hunts. As I said: very diverse, but requires attention on ergonomics.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
Software eats the world, someone wise said. Nowadays there are many contexts where one could work as a software engineer. I would argue that the CBRN field is definitely an interesting niche to get to be part of.
Environics has similar small-town appeal as its home town. Large enough to have interesting things going on, but small enough to allow you to grasp most of it. I get to see and know different field of design and engineering. And other aspects of the business too, from science to sales.
Oh, and some of the colleagues have a sense of humour.

Tom Nylund


Tom Nylund - Environics Team

Tom, who has worked in several different industries from dental equipment to bicycle repair and also in the exciting world of theatre scenery, right after graduating from vocational school, is currently part of Environics’ talented production team.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
I entered the CBRN field when I joined Environics in 2003, so… nearly 20 years ago.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
I work as an equipment tester / assembler at the Environics’ production. Every single device including handheld devices, and system components, that comes out of the production is tested against strict testing procedures. These include for instance different functional tests, hot/cold tests, and final inspections.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
Working with skilled and nice colleagues, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Toni Leikas

Training Manager

Toni Leikas - Environics Team

Captain Toni Leikas retired from the Finnish Defence Forces, when he was recruited to the defence industry. He gained his CBRNE and training expertise from various CBRNE positions in Engineer & CBRN branch duties. During his nearly 10 years of collaboration with Environics, Toni has shared knowledge and practical tips not only with customers, but also with the rest of the team and company partners.
In addition, Toni is one key player is CBRNE standardisation in Finland, and in Europe, being convenor of CEN/TC931/CBRNE working group and team leader of the European CBRNE Glossary standard.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
I got my first experience of CWA’s when used the term ABC back in 1999. I started to specialise and conducted a 1,5-year full-day learning in this area when NBC was in use. During my military duties, the term slowly changed first to CBRN and later to CBRNE. So, I got over 20 years of expertise on all topics related to CBRN protection and counter measuring.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
My normal day starts with many cups of black and dark coffee! I’m responsible for creating training offers and plans as part of normal system offers. I create and update training material and check that they are aligned with manuals. As Environics main trainer, it is also my duty to execute system and some special customers device trainings. Lately, my days have been more and more filled with online and e-learning courses development, and training materials updating.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
I can do tasks and duties that I have been trained for: CBRN and training. In my position it is also possible to learn new things almost every day. As Environics is an international company, meeting and teaching new customers, and different end-users, also boosts the working. On top of all of that, of course seeing locations that a normal traveller is not able visit or see is a great bonus too!

Mika Saarinen

Product Manager, Handheld Chemical Detection

Mika Saarinen - Environics Team

Mika joined us in 2018 as a fresh graduate from Environmental Engineering Technology. On his own words “before Environics I barely had any idea what CBRN even meant”. However, Mika soon revealed to be a “rough diamond” and after he has been part of the team for a bit over a year, he was assigned the role of Product Manager of our most popular segment of products: handheld chemical detection.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
It can be said that me getting into CBRN business was a complete coincidence. After graduating I contacted different companies, and lucky for me, back then Environics had a need for a technical support engineer, and that is basically how my story started in the CBRN field. And what a ride has it been! My focus has been on the handheld chemical detection segment, where problem solving and close contact with customers, has led me from technical support, to product management.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
As a Product Manager, my tasks are very diverse and not a single day is similar. One day I am ensuring everything in the productization chain is working as intended, and another day I am on the other side of the world training our end users how to use our detectors.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
And it’s that plurality what I really like about my job. Seeing our customers, as well as my colleagues, pleased that everything works, is really what fuels my fire. What I have always liked about Environics is the fact that we have a very strong team spirit. Only fictional heroes accomplish missions alone!

Matleena Marttinen

Marketing Manager

Matleena Marttinen - Environics Team

Matleena, who has educational background and master degree in marketing, jumped into the exciting CBRN world more than seven years ago, from a totally different work environment. Marketing has played a big role in her whole career in Environics, but service business development, ILS issues and team management tasks have enriched her daily work life for the past five years. Currently, Matleena is a team leader of the Environics Marketing & Application Team.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
My start in Environics was rather fast. The time gap between the first phone call and the first work day was less than a week! Thanks to the help of my mother-in-law, a quick jump from maternity leave back to the work life was possible. The possibility to work and develop marketing within an international business field definitely got my interest in first place, and new work opportunities, as well as a global customer and partner network, have kept the motivation and interest up already for over seven years now.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
I have the privilege to run our talented Marketing & Application Team which takes care of the various tasks at the beginning of our customers journey with Environics, and on the other hand my tasks with service business development provide me opportunities to be part of the customer journey also after the original procurement phase. My daily work varies from strategic planning, to resource management, and from offer support to exhibition building.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
The first “thing” is my colleagues, and this unusual year has highlighted their importance even more.
Second is the international customer and partner network. There is something really fascinating about different cultures, and I cannot wait to replace some of the virtual meetings with face-to-face encounters in different parts of the globe.
Third is the variety of my work tasks which keep (almost) everyday fresh and interesting.

Robert Ladzinski

Business Development Manager

Robert Ladzinski - Environics Team

Robert is currently the newest member of our team, working for our subsidiary in North America, Environics USA. Bob, as he prefers to be called, holds a B.S. in General Science obtained in Villanova University in Pennsylvania, and has been in touch with the CBRN community for over 20 years!
Bob and his family, moved recently to a new home near the coast in Beaufort, South Carolina (near Hilton Head), where they are enjoying various outdoor activities including fishing and nature watching.
Work ethics runs in the blood of Bob’s beloved family, and he points out that his mother had the hardest job in the clan: raising Bob and his brothers!

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
After graduating from Villanova (B.S. in General Science; Bio Chemistry Concentration) I learned the business of sales and marketing in the field.  I began my professional career with MSA and have been in the safety business my whole career.  In May 2001 I joined RAE Systems and was immediately actively engaged within the HAZMAT and CBRN community, pre-9/11.  My experience in technical instrumentation (20 years with PID and wireless data transmission) sales and working with channel partners has made my transition fairly easy.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
Currently I’m spending a lot of time “learning on the job”.  I’ve been actively updating our CRM and engaging with our existing dealer network and numerous end user customers, many of which I’ve served in my recent past.  I look forward to learning more from the Team in Finland.  I also look forward to getting back on the road to do what I do best…understanding customer needs and applications.  It’s also interesting to work across so many time zones!  Finland to Hawaii!

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
Serving those who serve us is really an honor and privilege.  When a first responder realizes the value I bring, allowing them to do their job more safely and efficiently, they are sincere and honest with their accolades.  Being called “brother” within this community is truly earned.  I’m welcomed and trusted in my advisory solutions-based role.  Understanding customer needs and being able to fulfil and exceed them is exciting, for sure, but truly more rewarding.

Kirsi Hedman

President, CEO

Website - Environics Team copy

Environics CEO – Kirsi – is a 50-year-old married and well succeeded woman. Kirsi is the holder of a Master of Science in Industrial Management obtained in 1994, and a Doctoral thesis concluded in 2008. Her life has two main focus points: taking responsibility for being Environics President since 2012, and being the mother of two teenage kids. And who knows which one is more demanding!
Kirsi’s career was initiated in her graduation year in a plywood industry company, and 15 years later in 2009, she joined Environics as Vice President for Business Process Development.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
In my previous work place I was as a Management Consultant and Environics was one of my customers. Based on our long cooperation, at the beginning of 2009 I was asked to join Environics. I was very interested in this niche business and Environics as a developing organization, so I was more than eager to learn more and try my best to develop the business, as part of the team. Therefore, I have been in the CBRN business for the last 12 years.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
My main tasks concern to the development of the organization strategic plans, meaning preparing new ones while ensuring the previous plans are still being followed. I cooperate closely with the whole Management Team and with our Board of Directors.
Helping team members on meeting their individual goals, which support the achievement of our business goals, is one of my important tasks.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
Working together with Environics team towards our common goals is what definitely thrills me the most. I have a problem-solver mindset, therefore dealing with diverse challenges and guiding my team mates to a solution, it’s just my call. I also love getting familiar with a wide variety of nationalities and international team members!

Kai Siltanen

Area Manager

Environics-Team - Kai Siltanen

Kai, who joined us in 2018, holds a strong experience in international business, exports, and defence industry. Before being a member of Environics Team, Kai has been part and collaborating with the Finnish Army, the Finnish Air Force, and Patria Group. He has made most of his career abroad, having spent the first 5 years in Sweden and some astonishing 15 years living in the Middle East.
Kai has experience with helicopters, armoured vehicles, weapon systems and ammunition, but his first approach to CBRN detectors and systems was within Environics, and he refers to them as a “new and exciting area”.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
I have been in the field of defence industry for more than 25 years. After leaving Patria
Group in 2018, I was looking for new challenges. I already knew Environics as a company, as well as some old and present and I was happy to be given a chance to join Environics about 3 years ago.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
As Area Sales Manager responsible for Middle East, North Africa, France and Portugal, my routine is to keep contact with our customers and partners around the area, and at the same time, look for new customers and partnerships. It’s also under my responsibility to prepare quotations, sales contracts, and representative/distributor agreements.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
Colleagues! For a “senior” like me is really inspiring to cooperate with highly competent
and highly motivated young people.

Mika Reiman

VP of Operations

Environics Team - Mika Reiman

Mika, who holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, has been working with Environics for over twenty years, having gained versatile work experience with different work roles in the company. From HW designer, to project manager, and finally to his current role as Vice President of Operations, Mika is for sure part of the back bone of our organization.

🔵 How did you get into CBRN field, how long you have worked with CBRN?
I entered the CBRN field when I arrived to Environics approximately twenty years ago, as an electronics designer. My first work project concerned to participating on the electronics designing of the ChemPro100 detector, which development project had just begun.

🔵 Can you share an insight on your daily tasks and routines?
As Vice President of Operations, my daily chores include the management of the different sections and teams, including delivery project experts, R&D-teams, laboratory crew, purchasing team, and production.

🔵 What excites you the most about working in Environics?
The interesting and versatile work tasks, project diversity, the amazing colleagues, and – last but not the least – the relaxed working atmosphere.