100 ID

Identification of solid or liquid chemical compounds such as: explosives, narcotics, hazardous substances, chemical warfare agents (CWA), and pharmaceuticals in seconds.

Easy to use, portable for field operations, interface designed to be used while wearing protective gear.

The most cost-effective raman solution of its class.

Raman Technology

Complex spectroscopic technique, made easy to use

Raman spectroscopy turns visible the molecules’ specific spectrum, that can be seen as the chemical fingerprint of the sample.

The 100 ID analyses it and compares it to the embedded database / libraries. When a match is found, it is displayed with a confidence level indication.

This technology is suitable for measuring inorganic and organic compounds, in liquid or solid forms.


Why Choose 100 ID

ID 100 works as a complementary product for ChemPro100i CBRN kit in North American First Response market, combining Raman and IMS technologies, and allowing for full coverage of the chemical measurement chain for liquid, solid and vapor compounds.

  • Identification of solid or liquid chemical compounds

  • All-in-one solution

  • No consumables or factory calibration

  • No maintenance costs

  • Software updates included

  • Updatable and customizable libraries

  • Easy to operate and decontaminate



100 ID is a valuable instrument for emergency management and incident command operations.

It is adequate for CBRNe & Hazmat teams and law enforcement authorities.

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Product Manager Handheld Chemical Detection