ChemPro100i CBRN Kit

Full CBRN capability with Biological and radiological detection add-on modules.

Add-on Modules

The ChemPro100i capabilities can be easily expanded to a full CBRN detection system by utilizing unique cost effective external add-on modules.

All add-on modules are plug ‘n play connect to the ChemPro100i and the User Interface menu is automatically updated with new features.

All add-on modules draw power from the ChemPro100i battery – no additional batteries or chargers are needed.


Why Choose ChemPro100i CBRN Kit

  • Complete ChemPro100i CBRN Concept

  • Includes a ChemPro Reader Module for the ENVI Assay System Biodefence tests

  • Includes ChemPro100i Radiation Detector Module

  • Enables full usage of all of the device’s advanced capabilities



ChemPro100i CBRN Kit can be purchased in different versions, housing the device and a variety of accessories depending on the level of the kit, and its application.

Because it is delivered in a rugged transit case, every item is easily accessible and protected from every element that you may encounter when moving to and on the field.


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