Transportable wireless system with fluent field deployment.

Robust tripod mounted CBRN Measuring and Data Processing Units.

Field Command & Control Post withCBRN System Software.

Real-time situational awareness with comprehensive reporting.


Catching the Essential

EnVision GOSSAMER is a ruggedized, field deployable CBRN surveillance system formed by CBRN measuring and data processing units, command and control posts with GIS based CBRN monitoring software, PDAs for local user interface, and related radio communication systems and power supplies.

It serves for monitoring critical sites for intentional releases and accidents related to hazardous substances.


Why Choose EnVision GOSSAMER

  • Transportable system with fluent field deployment of sensor networks

  • Robust tripod mounted CBRN measuring and data processing units

  • Advanced CBRN system software for CCPs and PDAs for local user interface

  • Real-time situational awareness with measurement and status data

  • Mission recording and report creation

  • Incident training

  • Battery powered system for 72 hours of unattended use

  • Wireless communication

  • Scalable to meet the customer requirements

EnVision GOSSAMER using EnviScreen Operix System Software


The EnVision GOSSAMER is designed for Military Special Forces to be applied both in peacetime and wartime missions.

The mobile CBRN monitoring can be used in Military missions in national or international crisis management and support for other authorities in surveillance of accidental releases of airborne hazardous substances like CWAs and TICs and radiation leaks.

It can also be used in battlefield operations, or CBRN terrorism related missions.

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