Preparedness and Protection Instead of Forgotten Vulnerabilities?

We are living in the middle of challenging threat environments in which terrorist groups are in constant search for new methods to cause panic, disruption and loss of lives and money. In this scope, governmental, educational, cultural and financial buildings represent attractive targets of critical infrastructure for acts of terror. The possibility for use of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threat agents has stayed mainly in the shadow of news breaking terror tactics like vehicle ramming, knife attacks and explosives. However, although CBRN events are typically low in frequency and probability, they may be high in consequences, when the threat agents end up in the hands of well-trained and determined lone wolves, sympathizers or active members of terrorist groups – especially, if there is no protection or preparedness to detect and tackle these type of attacks at the early stage.

This webinar will be conducted by Katja Kiukas, MSc, BBA, who has gained over 10 years of application, business and technology oriented expertise in the field of Bio Detection and CBRN Monitoring Systems for naval vessels, land vehicles, area monitoring and critical infrastructure protection. She works currently as Application Manager for CBRN Systems.

You can access the webinar recording from here.