Get to know more about Environics’ Armoured CBRN Reconnaissance Solutions in this approximately 30-minute session. Featuring threat analysis and solution key benefis, this webinar focuses on rugged CBRN detection systems designed and manufactured to endure the conditional requirements set by various military standards.

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“Military units are susceptible to CBRNE threats due to accidents, gas and radioactive leaks, and escalating terrorism. During crises management and combat operations the CBRN reconnaissance element is integrated into the overall intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance efforts.”

This webinar is conducted by Application Manager Arto Penttinen, who has approximately 20 years of experience in the CBRN field, and has been taking part in several system implementation projects.

This webinar was originally recorded on October 23rd 2018.

Why is Armoured CBRN Reconnaissance Necessary?

  • Use of CBRN materials is again part of the asymmetric threat
  • Armored CBRN reconnaissance vehicles enable and protect operations
  • You will know when there is no more need to operate as protected
  • You will have all equipment ready in one armored and CBRN filtered vehicle