CBRN Protection is first open webinar of the four webinar series including own sections for protection, detection & identification, sampling and decontamination. The duration of this webinar record is approx. 28 minutes.

Sampling consists on the retrieval, for analysis, of material known or suspected to have been employed in a CBRN incident, or of material suspected to have been contaminated in such an incident. The selection of the most effective sampling point can be done by using an adequate CBRN detector.
Sampling and Identification of Biological, Chemical and Radiological Agents (SIBCRA) is defined as the collection, transportation and identification of suspected chemical, biological and radioactive materials within a chain of custody.

This session will give you a practical and easy-to-follow approach on the topic of “CBRN Sampling”, with useful hints for your daily activities!

This webinar will be host by CBRN Capt. (Ret) Mr. Toni Leikas, who is also CBRN Specialist and Training Manager of Environics. With approximatelly 20-year experience in training and education of Security and CBRN matters, Mr. Leikas has trained operators from over 50 different nationalities, from First Responders to Scientists.

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