“Civilians, infrastructure, and military are susceptible to CBRN threats daily due to fires, gas and radioactive leaks, chemical accidents, and escalating terrorism. Additionally, climate change increases unpredictability of natural forces even in otherwise politically stable areas. In order to gain control of the situation and minimize damages to the society, the authorities need to be able to rapidly counter situations.”

Get to know more about Environics’ Light CBRN Reconnaissance Solutions in this 30-minute session. Featuring threat analysis and solution key benefis, this session will guide you through this integrated system solution which provides a mobile, safe and secure workspace, allowing the operators to make accurate, real-time situation assessments.

This webinar will be conducted by CBRN Capt. (Ret) Mr. Toni Leikas, who is also CBRN Specialist and Training Manager of Environics. With approximatelly 20-year experience in training and education of Security and CBRN matters, Mr. Leikas has trained operators from over 50 different nationalities, from First Responders to Scientists.

You can access the webinar recording from here.